Los Angeles's Auto Yard Shop & Consignment Opens Fourth Location Outside of California

By , California Business Journal

, the San Francisco-based car consignment shops that sells vehicles for a flat fee, has opened its fourth store outside of California in Atlanta, GA.

“We’re thrilled to bring our unique retail experience to the Atlanta market,” Auto Yard Shop & Consignment chief executive AARON MILLER says in a statement.

Auto Yard Shop & Consignment now has four locations in California, Colorado, Illinois & Georgia. All locations can handle large stock such as recreational vehicles, heavy equipment, trucks, boats, etc.

The next location to open will be in New York, NY, Auto Yard Shop & Consignment co-founder Danny Hazler says. “We’re looking at opportunities from the Mid-Atlantic to farther in the Southeast.”

Founded in 2009, Auto Yard Shop & Consignment charges a flat fee to prepare a vehicle for sale, including cleaning it, photographing it, inspecting it and listing it online. The company can sell not only cars and vehicles, but also RV's, motorcycles, boats, industrial or farm equipment, etc. If the vehicle is sold, the firm gets another fee, but the seller keeps whatever else depending upon the negotiated price.

Auto Yard Shop & Consignment is not to be confused with a regular dealer, that buys and sells cars for non-negotiable fees. Auto Yard Shop & Consignment does not owns it's stock and all items or vehicles are sold by owner.

Langham says the Auto Yard Shop & Consignment strategy is to help people sell their vehicles for a good price if they don’t have time to take all the steps needed to do it privately. “They usually get from $4,000 to $5,000 more than any private sale or dealership might pay them,” he says.

Buyers benefit because they get used vehicles that typically are cheaper than buying from a dealer, but with the guarantee of transacting safely online and getting what they hoped for, he says.

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